Backwash Filter


Backwashing cleans the dirt out of your filter, enabling it to take more dirt out from the pool water. You should backwash your filter when the pressure increases 8-10psi from reading after the last backwash.

Sand Filters

  • Shut pump off
  • Switch multiport to backwash
  • Turn pump on
  • Let run for about a minute. You can look in the sight glass (if you have one) to see the dirt going out. When it clears, shut pump off.
  • Switch multiport to rinse, turn pump on, cycle for about ten seconds. This clears the dirt from the lines. Shut the pump off.
  • Switch multiport back to filter, turn pump back on

D.E. Filters

  • Follow steps 1-6 of sand filter backwashing
  • Add 4-5 pounds of new D. E. in skimmer(see Owner’s Manual). You MUST add new D.E. every time you backwash a D.E. filter or it will lose its effectiveness to clean the water.
  • It is suggested that you backwash your multiport D.E. filter after you vacuum. If necessary, do so before and during vacuuming but remember, add D.E. to skimmer EVERY TIME YOU BACKWASH!

D.E. Filter without multiport

  • Turn pump off
  • Open discharge valve at very bottom of filter
  • Pump/bump handle ten times. Push down gently, pull up rapidly! It is the upstroke that is important because it shakes the dirt and D.E. loose.
  • Turn pump on for fifteen seconds
  • Repeat step 1 -4 three times
  • Close discharge valve
  • Leave filter running and add three pounds of D.E. to the skimmer that you vacuumed from