How to Vacuum A Pool

* Note: Turn off heaters when cleaning pools


Sand- Leave multiport in the usual filter position. “Backwashing” is necessary (see backwashing page).

D.E. – If it does not have a multiport, you should “bump” the filter (see backwashing page)

Cartridge- NO prior filter adjustments necessary, but you should hose cartridge off when done.


  • Choose the skimmer that is closest to the pump and filter. It is entirely possible to vacuum from either skimmer, but the closest to the pump and filter will give you the most suction.
  • Close the Slide plate (found at the very bottom of the skimmer, underneath the basket) of the skimmer. You are not going to vacuum out of it. Close the slide plate 1/4. This will increase the suction of the other skimmer. You can open this plate to have less vacuuming suction or close it to get more. You should do this after your vacuum is totally hooked up so that the vacuum head won’t suck itself to the bottom of the pool. Replace the basket.

Vacuum Hose

  • Attach a skim vacuum to one end of your vacuum hose and place this end by the skimmer (with the basket in the skimmer) that you are going to vacuum from. Stretch the hose in the pool and put the other end of it by the return jet of the pool.
  • Place the Skim vacuum over the top edge of the skimmer and just let it hang there so that you can see when the hose is full of water
  • Filling the hose with water, take the other end of the pole until you see or hear water coming out of the end with the skim vacuum on it. Attach the end you just filled it from to your vacuum head and pole and let your vacuum head sit on the bottom of the pool.
  • As quickly as possible take the end with the skim vacuum on it (make sure the hose is full of water, you can dunk the skim vacuum in the pool and make it take in a little more water into the hose), remove the basket and place it in the skimmer.
  • You are vacuuming! The vacuum head is sucking in the water and dirt. Move it slowly along the bottom of the pool. You can check you amount of suction by bringing the vacuum head close to the top (never take the vacuum head out of the water- you will lose suction along with the prime). By feeling the water being sucked in with your hand, you can adjust the suction.
  • To finish vacuuming, open the slide plate (on the skimmer you are not vacuuming from) all the way. This will release most of the water pressure on your skim vacuum. Pull the skim vacuum out of the skimmer.