Save Money With a Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Save $3000/season by adding a heat pump to your swimming pool system and using your propane heater as a backup heater. A swimming pool heat pump is electric powered and uses the warmth in the air to heat the pool water and maintain the desired temperature all season.

For example: Mr. & Mrs. Jones live in Westhampton Beach and have a 20' x 40' swimming pool. Their grandchildren will not swim unless the water temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The Jones’ love their grandkids and would like them to visit and swim from May to September. Using current rates for electric and propane on the east end of Long Island, the elder Jones’ would save $2887 by using a heat pump as the primary heating source for their swimming pool instead of their propane heater. If they add a solar blanket, they’ll use even less energy.

RayPak has a great sizing tool that shows the cost savings. Click the logo and enter your information to see how much you can save.

John's Pools sells and installs a variety of swimming pool heat pumps.  Give us a call and request a quote.  We'd love to meet with you(and the grandkids) and discuss how you can save money with the right sized heat pump.

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