Maintain Low Pool Level

Now is a good time to check the water level in your pool. In the winter, before your pool freezes over, check that the water level is at the correct height for winter to avoid damage caused by freezing.

This is what one of our pools looked like last winter. Can you make out the form of the pool?

Pool Winter 2015

Also, make sure your cover is secure. The snow was no match for the LoopLoc cover protecting this pool in 2015, because all of the straps were securely attached to the anchors.

Pump water off of solid covers, noting if there are any holes in the cover. If there are holes in your solid cover, you will be emptying the water out of the pool, not just off of the cover. If you have any questions or you don't want to perform this task yourself, contact you local APSP Certified Service Professional.

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