Pool Liners and Safety Covers

Blue Reflections 3Swimming Pools Liners have an expected life of about 10 years.  Let our team of professionals replace your liner and make your back yard look brand new.  We will remove and discard your old liner, smooth the sand floor, replace faceplates and gaskets and put the new liner in.  This is all done in a matter of days.  When we walk off the property, all debris is removed and the deck is broom swept.

After years of building pools and replacing liners, John’s Pools & Spas relies on the quality of four liner companies.  These companies provide quality liners and a nice variety of patterns.  Visit their sites by clicking the links below to see available patterns.  You can request a quote by clicking here or below.Loop Loc Free Form

Loop Loc is our choice for safety covers.  Famous for their ads with an elephant on the cover, Loop Loc is the proven leader of swimming pool safety covers.  John’s Pools & Spas will install your cover into wood, stone or brick patios.  Request a quote by clicking here or below.