Tips & Advice

Tips 2

  • Install a solar blanket to reduce heating costs.  A solar blanket retains more heat during cooler hours, especially overnight.  Electric pool covers are solar blankets as well.
  • Brush your pool and hot tub weekly; even if you do not use it. This will prevent a build up of debris which makes the floor and walls slippery.
  • Empty skimmer baskets frequently, especially in the spring and fall, to ensure proper circulation of water.
  • Encourage bathers to shower before entering your hot tub to reduce stress on your filter and keep water clear.
  • Hire a Licensed Pool Professional: A swimming pool service company must earn and maintain Certified Service Technician(CST) status from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals(APSP) and be insured to keep their Home Improvement Contractors License in Suffolk County. John's Pools & Spas hold CST and Certified Service Professional(CSP) certifications.
  • Heat Pumps are a great supplement to a fossil fuel pool heater.